Love your board? Learn to set it free with Snowboard Coaching, Splitboard Courses and BASI Training from McNair Snowsports.

Based in the French resorts of Tignes, Val d’Isere and Sainte Foy, McNair Snowsports was founded by Neil McNair, British Snowboard Coach, Instructor and BASI Trainer. With over 16 years of worldwide experience in professional snowboard tuition, McNair Snowsports offers you the strongest, most personalized and experimental coaching programs.
Love your board? Learn to set it free…

When you first learned to snowboard, you probably got some lessons. Then, over time, you naturally developed your skills and abilities. But there is only so far you can take your riding without some help. If you’ve realised that training yourself will make more difference than new equipment, then we can help whatever your preferred style, terrain or focus.

Looking to travel off the grid and find new terrain to ride on that was previously reserved for the ski-tourer? Splitboarding is the natural step forward to bring you back to the origins of our sport – freedom, fresh lines and unchartered territory.=

Whether you are thinking of becoming a snowboard Instructor and entering the system for the first time or you are going for the highest accolade, we deliver pre-course training for all levels and modules specific to your needs.

McNair Snowsports News and Updates

Lewis learning double-corks

Here’s a wee glimpse of Lewis’s third double cork attempt yesterday He went a big too big on this one! – Lewis rides for Signal and as ambassador for McNair shirts he’s definitely putting the prototype through it’s paces. Unfortunately his board took such a beating the nose snapped. Fortunately we’ve managed to hook him up a replacement quick smart. Good news is ...[Read More]

Boiled Wool

So the McNair Mountain shirt is on it’s way. check out the website for updates, but you’re wondering what it’s made of then here is a little description of boiled wool.

Backcountry week

Last week was without doubt an epic week of snow and was well appreciated by the crew on the backcountry week in conjunction with the White Room chalets in Sainte Foy. Plenty of hikes, splitboard tours and POWagbunga. Here is a video of Jeff capturing himself in all his own glory dropping in from the Cross – nice one Twankey!

 @hugewilliam keeping cool in the Malta solar powered fan hat. You know you really want one #fanhat @dragonlodge @dragoneurope  Highest col in soft crew getting ready to tour this morning #mcnairshirts #splitboard middleageshred @dragoneurope @signalsnowboard  Toughed it out all day in the rain and finally the sun comes out product testing apx2 #middleageshred #raddads #freestlemamma @dragoneurope @mcnairshirts  Did some of this again today #splitboard #signal_life #endlesswinter @dragoneurope @signalsnowboard  Gonk tongue for tea tonight @wonkstar #tignes #tongue #dinner #fondue  The Stag getting amazing freshies today @dragoneurope #loopbar #couloirbartignes #secretspot  Heli Friday... Nice not having to walk out for once. @mcnairshirts @dragoneurope #signal_life #tignes  Sunday lunch at Lo terrashu with tia #daddydaughterday #sunday #tignes  Dragon team shaping a mega quarter today in #tignes @dragoneurope @dragonlodge #quarterpipe  My throne for the night, made in 1878. Proper comfy too #refugee #chair @dragoneurope  Tentative steps back on the hill today, sketchy shoulder but stoked on my new yusaku. This board is the bomb #signal_life @signalsnowboard @mcnairshirts @dragoneurope #monsroyale  Just made 2 new friends lost on the road to Tignes, there back home save now #husky #lostdog  #signal_life rider @chefbootie living the dream on mega après at sobar #absinthe @dragoneurope @signalsnowboard #booze  High pressure weather system had finally arrived, looks sick out there. Meanwhile I'm off to see a surgeon ha ha! #tignes #snow  Thank you @dragoneurope for the amazing hookups. Tignes riders are mega stoked @mcnairsnowsports @mcnairshirts @dragonlodge @dangerous_davewhite @frankiemelgund @james_sweet_ @getsuperrad @wonkstar @hugewilliam  Need this back in my life. Let's get this rehab rocking, 1more week of intense rest. #whiteroom #signal_life #slash @dragoneurope  Back home, beers with the boys. Thanks @jennyjonessnow @dragoneurope @sfnelson for an amazing weekend. Big love from Tignes  Thanks London, was epic...all aboard to Tignes, picked up this reprobate on the way @dalikfodda @dragonlodge @dragoneurope #schoph @hugewilliam